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Yoga Classes

Kids Yoga


4:30 pm



Yoga has been shown to help kids concentrate, aid in self-regulation (manage emotions and behaviors), improve posture, cardiovascular function, and body and mind awareness. Kids are naturals at yoga! However, the attention span of children and their developmental milestones makes it hard, sometimes impossible, for them to attend regular yoga classes. My classes are based on the Kidding Around Yoga model through which I am certified. It adds to yoga's classic poses elements of play, story-telling, music, and art.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow

Tuesdays and Thursdays

5:30 am


6:30pm (starts in May, 2019)




Take an hour of your day to completely focus on yourself! Yoga promotes flexibility and relaxation and it has been proven to aid in healing of several body and mind ailments. All my classes are open to anyone, regardless of skill level, age, or body shape. The small class and intimate setting allows for one on one attention. Come learn how yoga can improve your life!

Please note:

** Due to very limited space, classes must be booked ahead of time. No walk-ins please. 

** Classes start promptly. I am unable to open the door after I start teaching. I appreciate your cooperation!

Private Yoga Instruction

Times Vary

Book an exclusive hour of one-on-one instruction where we will focus on your individual needs and goals for your practice. 

Whether you want to check your alignment, work towards a pose, deepen your focus, learn the basics, or another request, private classes are a great way to get the full benefits of the practice in a way that is tailored for your unique self. 

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