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Hi There!

My name is Glaucia Romano, owner and teacher at Anana Prana, LLC. 

I am a certified Art Educator through the state of Florida and have taught elementary school Art for over 10 years, mostly at OCPS but with brief experiences in Osceola county. As an Art Educator I am able to teach a variety of media from acrylics to drawing, textiles to ceramics, and jewelry to sculpture.

In addition to Anana Prana, I currently I teach art in a small Montessori school in Melbourne, FL. I am a practicing artist as well, working in a variety of media. My main focus are ocean themed artwork, often on surfboards or fins. You can find my art at the Studios of Cocoa Beach ( or my personal website:

In 2015 I became certified to teach yoga and I have taken additional certifications since in Children's Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Yoga for Trauma/PTSD. I taught at the Lake Nona VA and the former "Ubuntu Power Yoga" in Kissimmee until the studio closed. 





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